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arborists. Abook about knots for arborists, “Knots
at work” contains a collection of the best friction
hitch cords in the last 20 years. The LockJack, in-
vented by an arborist, was the first clamp device at
the end of the 90th, followed by SpiderJack. The
established manufacturers had no answer for a
long time as far as Petzl brought the ZigZag to live.
Who would have expected that SRT (Single Rope
Technique) in tree care turns into a serious work
process – not only for climb up but also to climb
within the tree crown. Climbing arborists compete
with each other which combination of devices is
the best and what offers the best performance.
The passionate climbing arborist and developer
Hubert Kowalewski has invented the outstanding
SpiderJack 3 what lifts the existing high level of
double rope technique on top.
The well known australian climber Joe Harris has
tested the brand new device and was so excited
that he published a video on YouTube – without
permission of the owner. The telephones burned
hot, the manufacturers were outraged that they
Dear customers,
spectacular innovations in the field of tree climb-
ing technique? Is that actually possible? Yes in fact!
22 years ago I discovered the rope climbing tech-
nique for tree care (SKT) and was fascinated of
its simple operating principle. It became a strong
trend and has developed into a successful inter-
national business with a wide range of well-engi-
neered and sophisticated products. A variety of
carabiners, refined tree climbing harnesses, com-
fortable and fancy clothes, special ropes, friction
devices, and much more. Recently, the PROTOS®
helmet has shown that even an unchangeable
status quo can be reinvent themselve – and de-
velopment goes on. Besides the integrated safety
glasses, magnetic light and magnetic chin strap,
Pfanner is testing its new bluetooth radio system
– hidden in the earmuff. It can be combined with
a smartphone and provides a perfect connection.
Small, light, modern. The first users are excited.
The climbing arborists are in general very creative,
in the past and up today. They create and produce
a lot of innovative products, especially for climbing
havn’t got any information. Last but not least, the
world of climbing arboristic was carried away by
enthusiasm. For me, SpiderJack 3 has the same in-
spiration potential like a newApple phone!
But not only the SpiderJack 3 has caused a sensa-
tion – the video shows another unknown device,
just a few seconds. Perhaps a new RopeGuide
TwinLine? People speculated about this question
on Facebook. They were absolutely right, it was
a prototype. The new RopeGuide TwinLine place
everything so far into the shade. This device can be
implemented easily from the ground, never gets
stuck in a crotch, never falls during removal uncon-
trollable to the ground and protects the climber
against impact forces. Best of all, SRT and SKT can
be used in parallel. But let‘s stop here! The new
RopeGuide TwinLine beats everything and simply
offers more. Please check details in the catalogue
and find some more news.
Keep in mind that spectacular innovations in tree
climbing technique are still possible! Have fun and
discover a world that reinvents itself again.
Johannes Bilharz
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