Information on the Corona pandemic and the current consequences for Freeworker

Status: 04-07-2020, 08:00 am
(Due to the dynamic development, the situation may change at short notice at any time. We try to keep the following information always up to date. However, deviations are possible at any time!)

The Corona pandemic is currently having an enormous impact on our lives. Every day there are new developments and official regulations that profoundly change our everyday lives both privately and socially. How long does nobody know at the moment. What effects the pandemic will have on our society, our world and eventually on Freeworker, we also do not know at the moment. The most important and central concern is the health of every individual in our society. However, we would like to inform you about the consequences for Freeworker and answer any questions you might have regarding orders, delivery times and availability of goods.

What are the consequences of the pandemic and how are you dealing with them?

Currently (04-07-2020) we are working as usual, but have taken appropriate precautions. Where possible, many of our employees work at home. Thanks to our IT department, we were able to implement this step quickly without compromising our customer service. Our employees, who continue to work at our locations, check daily how they can minimize potential transmission paths in accordance with the requirements of the health authorities and recommendations of the scientific community. In addition to personal hygienic measures, these include avoiding unnecessary meetings, maintaining distance during conversations, and using the telephone more often in-house.

Can I still order from you?

Yes, you can still order from us by online shop, e-mail and telephone.

You purchase goods from all over the world, what is available?

We are currently receiving the first responses from manufacturers and suppliers who are temporarily closing their factories due to the pandemic and no longer supply us. It is very likely that more will follow and products will no longer be available. Despite our large stock, some products will no longer be available in the foreseeable future. The best way to find out is to look at the product in our online shop, where we will inform you about availability and delivery times. Our customer service (+49 (0) 8105 – 730 60 253) will be happy to advise you on availability by phone and help you find alternative products if a particular product is not available in the foreseeable future.

What are the delivery times?

Generally, there are no restrictions on delivery times for goods shipping. However, please note the current development, which can lead to delays. For Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Croatia we currently (04-07-2020) have to expect longer delivery times. Delivery to some regions of these countries is currently not possible. Please contact our foreign sales department (+49 (0) 8105 – 730 60 253) for detailed information regarding your order.

Is your local shop still open?

Currently our shop is open for commercial customers, so that everything that is needed for professional practice remains available. Private customers are asked to stay away. We restrict ourselves to necessary contacts. Those who can, please use our Online Shop or order by phone (+49 (0) 8105 – 730 60 253).

Trade fairs and championships

In the context of the Corona pandemic many organizers have understandably cancelled their dates for this year. On our blog you will find all available information about which trade fairs and championships are cancelled or postponed to a later date. As always, we are happy to receive any relevant information so that our schedule remains up to date for you!

Stay healthy and take care of yourselves!

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