Recall for safety check Edelrid Turn pulley

Edelrid discovered a “Turn” pulley with a defective rivet. The axle holding the pulley and the side plates together was not fully riveted to the found pulley. A side plate could therefore come loose and unintentionally release the rope. Since the manufacturer cannot rule out » read more

Chainsaw protection trousers for Arborists

When working with chainsaws, the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) of a tree climber includes not only helmet, harness, climbing system and lanyard, but also chainsaw protection clothing. PPE protects health, saves lives and is required by law. The central element of the chainsaw protection clothing » read more

Safety information: Call to review for RopeGuide 2010 and TwinLine

Call to review for the RopeGuide 2010 and RopeGuide TwinLine by ART We have received information about two incidents in short succession, according to which the casing cover of a RopeGuide 2010 (see instruction manual page 8 position 5) has fallen off. This is only » read more

Innovations Tree Care & Tree Climbing 2019

In 2019, interesting products will also be ready for the market and hopefully will be on the market soon! Especially on our social media channels Facebook and Instagram we regularly show you exciting new developments and prototypes that generate a lot of anticipation. Whether at » read more

Climbing helmets: What has to be considered?

In tree climbing, in addition to the tree-sparing technique, the protection of the climber himself is of particular importance. Therefore, the equipment must meet certain requirements to ensure safety and physical integrity. This so-called personal protective equipment (PPE) also includes a suitable safety helmet. Which » read more

Sets for fire brigades according to DIN 14800

Two special sets for rescue at heights are brand new in the Freeworker range. They correspond to the standard appliance sets for fire brigade equipment according to DIN 14800: Pulley Block Appliance Set according to DIN 14800-16 and Appliance Set for Protection against Falling according » read more