Replacing the helmet shell – compulsory after 5 years for Protos® Integral

Like any other helmet, the Protos® Integral by Pfanner can only be used for a limited period of time. For safety reasons, each wearer must replace the shell of the helmet at least after five years. If your helmet is damaged and no longer complies with the safety regulations, you should immediately replace your helmet by a new one!

How do I know that I have to change the helmet shell?

If your Protos Integral has reached its maximum life time, you should consider a shell replacement or a new acquisition. The shell of your Protos® Integral must be replaced five years after the helmet was purchased. For the five years after purchase, the date on your invoice counts.

Helmet exchange simple and uncomplicated with Freeworker!

Thanks to the modular design of the Protos® Integral, individual parts of the helmet can be replaced quickly and easily. That’s an environmental and resource-saving advantage of the Protos Integral. Basically, there are two ways to make your helmet safe again for the next five years!

Replacing the helmet shell Protos® Integral Industry
  • Only the helmet shell is exchanged
  • Large selection of coloured helmet shells
  • Brand new Protos
  • Klimaair set included
  • Large selection of one- and two-tone helmets and designs
  • Immediate delivery
  • Only authorised specialist dealers may change the shell
  • You must send the helmet to us
  • two times postage, round trip
  • Processing fee
  • Independent conversion of the chinstrap and other accessories by the customer

Notes for changing the helmet shell

Replacing the helmet shell is recommended for helmets that are used little when the expiration date is reached. In the case of heavily used helmets, it is advisable to also replace the hygiene set after five years. Damaged helmets must be completely replaced by the user. Replacing only the helmet shell in this case is no longer permitted.

The shell may only be replaced by an authorised dealer. The helmet has to be sent to us for mounting. Please do not send in the helmet until we have contacted you!

Make your Protos unique

Whether new helmet shell or new helmet, now is the perfect time to design your helmet according to your wishes. Use our Freeworker Protos-Designer and create a Protos® Integral according to your wishes and needs. Choose from over 200 colour combinations and our unique designs from the Freeworker Protos® Integral Special-Edition!

Not unique enough yet? Then the Customer Edition by Freeworker is the right choice for you. Our experienced and creative Freeworker team will design your individual Protos® Integral according to your wishes. Whether it’s your company logo, name or your very own look, at the end of the day there will be guaranteed envious looks from your colleagues!

Protos Designer by Freeworker


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