Freeworker in mourning – On the death of Hubert Kowalewski

End of June we received the sad news that Hubert Kowalewski, mastermind of ART, has passed away. Many in the tree climbing community already knew that the revolutionist of tree climbing had been suffering from severe depression for a long time. The news of Hubert’s suicide causes Freeworker deep sorrow. For many years we have been closely connected with the tinkerer and inventor. » read more

SpiderJack 3 and RopeGuide TwinLine: an Interview with Hubert Kowalewski

Hubert Kowalewski: progressive thinker, developer, and owner of Advanced Ropeclimbing Technology – for short ART. He regularly inspires the arborist scene with his new and innovative developments. The recently announced SpiderJack 3 and RopeGuide TwinLine are also causing quite a stir. Following the unfortunate delay » read more