Climb up high! We deliver what you need for climbing!

Freeworker GmbH is one of the largest specialist dealers for tree care and rope climbing technology in Europe. For 20 years we have been supplying the green industry with climbing equipment, tree care products and interesting information about tree climbing. We are specialized in high-quality equipment for tree climbers, arborists and industrial climbers. We also offer forest workers, sport climbers, geocachers, garden and outdoor enthusiasts interesting and useful products.

Professional and competent service

Professional advice is a matter of course for us! Only with a competent service, a tree surgeon can carry out his work professionally, carefree and on time. This is also close to the heart of our managing director Johannes Bilharz. He founded Freeworker in 1999 in a small warehouse in the Munich area. Meanwhile the small start-up has developed into a medium-sized company. Since then, we have upheld our credo of exceeding the wishes of our customers. In 2019 we celebrate our 20th anniversary as a partner of tree care.

Our Freeworker Crew

Today Freeworker is a colourful mixed company with employees from different countries and different sectors. With the advancing demands of a growing company, the degree of specialization of the approximately 50 employees also increases. Our esteemed consulting competence is maintained and grows with it.

In addition to numerous active employees who are still active in tree care, new employees are added who bring new consulting qualities to Freeworker. Whether industrial or sports climbing, geocaching, bouldering or forestry, our employees bundle competences from various green areas.

Our history

Bilharz founds the Nürnberger Schule with his Companion and gives climbing courses. But not only the technique to learn is in demand, also the appropriate equipment. As this is difficult to obtain in Germany, he takes matters into his own hands. In addition to the school he runs a shop for climbing equipment. After three years Bilharz leaves the Nürnberger Schule and founds together with Erich Rotheimer and Erk Brudi a specialist trade for tree care and rope climbing technology – the Freeworker. At the same time, Bilharz established together with Bruno Erhart and a group of climbing instructors the Münchner Baumkletterschule.

With the increasing popularity of rope climbing technology, the company grew steadily. Through practical advice and professional support, Freeworker is able to establish a close relationship with its customers within a short period of time, which has remained loyal to us to this day. Because we serve our customers as we wish: Competent, reliable and fast – whether in our shop, online or when ordering by catalogue.