Innovations Tree Care & Tree Climbing

Interesting products are regularly ready for the market and hopefully will be sold! Many of the announcements arouse desire and require patience until they can finally be ordered. Which novelties can you look forward to in the near future and which ones will you have to wait longer for? » read more

The 540 tree care battery series by Husqvarna

Husqvarna developed the 540i XP and T540i XP cordless chainsaws in close cooperation with professional arborists. Whether climbing in the tree, in the basket of the aerial work platform or on the ground: The tasks in tree care are versatile and demanding. Therefore, the appropriate chainsaw must be versatile, comfortable and absolutely safe. » read more

Rescue Banana principle: simple – fast – successful

With the Rescue Banana, help is quickly at hand in an emergency. Because every accident causes stress for the people involved. Especially in tree climbing, the danger of an orthostatic shock means that the injured person has to be rescued quickly from the tree. » read more

Safety Notice Teufelberger ropes with slaice®

Teufelberger calls upon all users of climbing ropes Braided Safety Blue® with slaice®, Arbor Elite with slaice® and pottsblitz with slaice®, CEclimb 12.7 with slaice® not to use them any more. The recall affects all the ropes between January 2014 and September 2019. » read more

Freeworker in mourning – On the death of Hubert Kowalewski

End of June we received the sad news that Hubert Kowalewski, mastermind of ART, has passed away. Many in the tree climbing community already knew that the revolutionist of tree climbing had been suffering from severe depression for a long time. The news of Hubert’s suicide causes Freeworker deep sorrow. For many years we have been closely connected with the tinkerer and inventor. » read more

Replacing the helmet shell – compulsory after 5 years for Protos® Integral

Like any helmet, the Protos® Integral is used for a limited period of time. For safety reasons, each wearer must replace at least the shell of the helmet after five years. Basically, there are two ways to make your helmet safe again for the next five years! » read more