Environmentally friendly filling material in Freeworker packages

We have set ourselves the goal of making our shipping more environmentally friendly step by step and conserving resources wherever economically possible. There have been two options for this since November 2021. On the one hand, we rely on environmentally friendly and resource-saving filling material in our packages. On the other hand, by clicking on your order, you help us to protect the environment a little more and to reduce our carbon footprint. » read more

Important difference: working load vs. breaking load

Important parameters in tree climbing and rigging are working load and breaking load. In tree care, tree climbers often use hardware such as pulleys, carabiners or other rope devices in addition to appropriate tools – for example, to lower loads during rigging. If this hardware » read more

New chainsaw protection standard: EN 11393 replaces EN 381

In recent years, the well-known European standard EN 381 has been completely revised. These changes have been incorporated into the new standard EN 11393, which will replace the old one. There are also some interesting changes for users. » read more