Environmentally friendly filling material in Freeworker packages

We have set ourselves the goal of making our shipping more environmentally friendly step by step and conserving resources wherever economically possible. There are two options for this since November 2021. On the one hand, we rely on environmentally friendly and resource-saving filling material in our packages. On the other hand, by clicking on your order, you help us to protect the environment a little more and to reduce our carbon footprint.

Waste cardboard as filling material

Leftover cardboard, e.g. when manufacturers send us new goods, we send only a few kilometers from our warehouse to karopack in Munich. Karopack recycles the material and sends the old cardboard boxes back to us as karopack cushions. All transport of the collected old cardboard and subsequently recycled karopacks is done sustainably in wooden crates, which the company reuses for transport between Freeworker and its location. We use the pillows as filler when packing your orders. To date (May 2022), we have disposed of approximately 8 m³ of waste cardboard boxes for reprocessing. More than 4,500 sustainable karopack pillows, we already used in our packing line for the safe and gentle transport of your ordered goods.

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One click for less waste

MWith a simple click, you ensure less waste when you place your order in our Freeworker online store. When going through the virtual checkout, there is the possibility to confirm with a checkmark that we reuse used packaging material for your package. This way we save new packaging material and don’t throw old packaging material into the garbage. This saves resources and is a small contribution to climate and environmental protection. Many of our customers already activate the checkbox when they place their order and help us to ship the goods in a sustainable way.

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Your suggestions are needed!

Sustainability is one of the central topics of the future. Our goal is to improve step by step and to find suitable solutions for us as a mail order company. The two solutions currently do not fully cover our needs for packaging material and our employees keep their eyes open daily for practical ideas with which we can take forest steps in this area.

However, the market of ideas for sustainable shipping is comparatively young and growing rapidly. Start-ups everywhere are developing clever ideas that are not widely known. Therefore, we are always grateful for hints and tips where we can concretely improve and what solutions exist. We would be happy to look at your suggestions in detail and consider whether we can implement them at Freeworker to an economically justifiable extent.

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