ART Positioner: State-of-the-ART

ART Positioner 2 with swivelWhen it comes to mechanical adjusters on lanyards the ART Positioner has become the climber’s first choice since entering the market. It clearly represents “state-of-the-ART” equipment. It grabs the rope as soon as it comes under load. Contrary to conventionally used rope clamps the Positioner allows for a reliable one-handed adjustment even under load even on a wire core rope. The ergonomically formed release lever offers comfortable handling.

The Positioner works with ropes Ø 11–13 mm as well as on wire core lanyards e. g. the Flex-Fly, offered to climbers with a fixed carabiner eye or a swivel. The swivel prevents the device from twisting on the rope since it counteracts effectively unavoidable rope twists. The swivel always keeps it in perfect position and allows for comfortable handling in about every possible situation. All parts of the device can be replaced. Swivel and spring-loaded clamp can be replaced on all previous models.

Video: ART Positioner

Positioner features:

  • ART Positioner 2 Basicrope clamp, ascender, climbing device
  • certified according to EN 567
  • body and parts are made from aluminium machined in the solid
  • works especially well with lanyards
  • also works on wire core ropes Ø 11–13 mm
  • controlled release also under load
  • one-handed adjustment of length
  • with swivel for great user comfort
  • service life: 7 years
  • tested with 4 kN/3 Min.
  • breaking strength: ca. 24 kN
  • weight: ca. 175 g