Everything about metal from Wales: Visiting DMM

In the middle of March we had the chance to look behind the scenes at DMM Arborday. We took this as an opportunity to visit the relatively young company – and introduce it to you. After all, DMM has quickly become one of the market leaders when it comes to safety-related metal hardware.

Founded around 35 years ago in Wales

DMM was founded in 1981 by four passionate climbers in peaceful Wales, in a region called Snowdonia. Their goal: to create the best possible safety equipment for everyone who moves at height. This wish has guided DMM to this day. Quality, safety and innovation are the top priorities for every product. The company is still based at the foot of the Llanberis Pass in North Wales.

Close cooperation with professionals

Besides hardware for recreational climbing, DMM has also made a name for itself in the professional environment. Close cooperation with experts from the fields of rope access technology, fall protection and rescue leads to products that are specially tailored to the needs of these markets. The feedback of the people who use the devices in their daily work also continuously flows into the production.

DMM and the Treemagineers

Of course, this high standard also applies to tree care. Especially here the Welsh company develops many, often very specialized products and devices. DMM came to tree care via the Treemagineers – consisting of the three arborists Bernd Strasser, Mark Bridge and Chris Cowell.

With the common goal of improving safety and efficiency in professional tree care, a close, innovative cooperation between DMM, the Treemagineers and Teufelberger soon developed. All the hardware used in the Treemagineers products comes from DMM – such as the patented loop on the popular TreeMotion climbing harness.

DMM Firmenportait: Offya TrolleyNew in the range: Offya Trolley

Currently they are working on the Offya Trolley in Wales, which we could see in action several times during Arborday. This tyrolean system with redirection device can be used for various rigging work and offers a wide range of applications – but also requires a high use of additional material.

The way to the finished carabiner

DMM Firmenportait: Revolver RigFred Hall, one of the founders of DMM, guided us through the production site. We were able to take a closer look at another innovation that has already been announced several times: the Revolver Rig. On this basis, the employees of DMM demonstrated to us how such a carabiner actually comes into existence. At the beginning there is only a simple aluminium tube, which has turned into a shimmering, high-quality carabiner at the end.

The single steps in overview:

  1. The aluminium blank is cut to the desired length and heated. Then it is placed in the forge. In some carabiners, the blank is bent first.
  2. After the first hot forging, the coarse shape is already visible.
  3. The carabiner shape is punched out during clipping.
  4. The carabiners are “washed” and deburred in a drum with ceramic cones.
  5. Special feature of the Revolver Rig: an additional forging process. The form is so complex that it is necessary.
  6. Deburring again and heat treatment of the carabiner.
  7. The holes are created with a CNC cutter.
  8. The carabiner is polished in the trovalier machine.
  9. Anodized and lasered …
  10. … and finally the assembly.

Everything is produced in-house

From the idea to the prototype to the finished product, everything is produced directly on site at DMM. No purchased parts are used. A production area of over 25,000 square metres is available for this purpose. Here you will find everything you need – from the creative minds in development to large hot forging machines and the latest CNC technology. Of course, every step within the production process is subject to strict quality control and the products are continuously tested and further developed.

But it is not only in production and at the location that DMM attaches great importance to solidarity and personal performance. Some of the passionate climbers who once founded the company are still active there and get involved. They also invest in their employees and their know-how. Because these keep the company running and ensure that DMM remains one of the market leaders in the field of safety-related hardware.

» Many useful products around tree care and tree climbing from DMM can of cours be found in our online shop.

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