Statement about the Big Shot Trigger

At the moment we are receiving many requests for the Notch Big Shot Trigger. This specially designed trigger for the Big Shot slingshot is currently appearing on Facebook. However, Freeworker will not sell this product within Germany and the EU. Because the use of the trigger is illegal in Germany!

The use of this product is prohibited under the German Weapons Act (WaffG): Firearms in the sense of the WaffG § 1 Abs. 2 Nr. 1 (german) are, among other things, objects equivalent to firearms, “bei denen bestimmungsgemäß feste Körper gezielt verschossen werden, deren Antriebsenergie durch Muskelkraft eingebracht und durch eine Sperrvorrichtung gespeichert werden kann” (source: Waffengesetz (WaffG) Anlage 1 (zu § 1 Abs. 4) (german), Punkt 1.2.3)*. The Trigger serves as the addressed, forbidden locking device – and thus causes the Big Shot to be classified as a firearm.

As a distributor and importer, we are aware of our responsibility towards our customers. For this reason, we will not import and/or sell any products whose use is prohibited by law. The Big Shot Trigger will therefore not be included in the Freeworker product range.

* Translation by Freeworker: … in which solid bodies are deliberately fired, the driving energy of which can be introduced by muscle power and stored by a locking device …

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