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Not only arborists climb in trees. Scientists and nature conservationists have also discovered the potential of rope climbing technology in recent years and use it for research all over the world. The Wilderness International Foundation from Dresden and Berlin also climbs high up into the crowns of the trees. The Wilderness International Foundation from Dresden and Berlin also climbs high into the treetops. Currently working on a project in the temperate rainforests on the west coast of Canada. The foundation protects and researches these forests and is supported by Freeworker.

The new project deals with the little known world of treetops. Here, the diversity and distribution of species will be investigated. In addition to lichens, ferns and mosses, the researchers are particularly interested in insects. Their number has been declining dramatically for years. Even in the treetops of the centuries-old maples, Douglas firs and giant life trees? With their new long-term project, the scientists from Wilderness International are addressing this question.

The next generation of environmental Envoys

The Wilderness International Foundation involves children and young people in its nature conservation projects. In a wilderness run, young people can already make an active contribution to forest conservation. Sponsors donate money for each round run, with which the foundation later places a forest area under protection. Every two years, the researchers also take committed students with them into unspoilt nature. Together they explore and explore forests and nature. The young people develop into environmental ambassadors. They pass on their experiences and impressions at school lectures. They carry the idea of nature conservation to many young people and inspire them.

Freeworker helps with equipment

Research and nature conservation regularly have two things in common: they are expensive and need the support of society to finance their projects. Freeworkers are also keen to help initiatives that are committed to nature conservation. We support Wilderness International with equipment and know-how so that they can safely and successfully carry out the exploration of.

“I’m always impressed when people actively support the world, people and nature. That’s why I like to help with Freeworker foundations like Wilderness International”

Johannes Bilharz, Managing Director Freeworker

In British Columbia, the material and knowledge is used immediately. Trees up to 100 meters high wait for the researchers and demanded their climbing skills. Even the throwing in of a tree requires a lot of patience and experience in the dense tangle of branches. For the ascent you need several pitches and always new anchor points until you finally reach the “base camp” at 65 meters.

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