Tree Care Days 2023: Highlights and novelties

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Since its foundation in 1993, the German Tree Care Days in Augsburg have been one of the most important European training events in the field of tree care. The triad of specialist conference, climbing forum and tree care trade fair is what makes the event special and attracts thousands of visitors* to the Fuggerstadt every year.

One could have thought Corona had just been over. While just over 2,000 people visited the Arboriculture Days in the university town from May 10 – 12, 2022, the 2023 fair was completely sold out on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thus, between April 25 and 27, 2,500 visitors from 35 nations flocked to Augsburg for the event’s 30th anniversary. With so many different nations, the question slowly arises as to whether it should not be the “European/International Arboriculture Days” in the future.

Jetzt schon im Kalender anstreichen!
Die nächsten Baumpflegetage finden vom 23. bis 25. April 2024 statt.
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SIP Protections new women’s pruning trousers

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SIP presented their new lightweight and very comfortable cut protection trousers, the Canopy Air-Go, at the 2022 Tree Care Days. In the future, the women’s cut protection trousers “Donna” will be available, which is based on the Canopy Air-Go, but developed especially for women. In addition to the four-layer, stretchable cut protection, the Donna will also feature various ventilation options. As a color, SIP Protection has chosen a kind of wine red for the “Donna”.

Teufelberger gets out the toy box

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Our neighbors from Austria have come up with something very special for tree care. There is not only a new multitool, but also new bags, carabiners, a short belay, a block pulley, a chainsaw carabiner, pads, chest straps and a hydration system for the Treemotion. The climbing harness pads come in three versions: ‘Breathable’, ‘Heating’ and ‘Ultra-Comfort’. The former is said to allow air to circulate through the breathable pads, the heater is said to provide warmth in cold weather, and the ultra-comfort option is said to provide additional stability through the back padding.

FTC with new crampons and Freexion

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The crampons have a ratchet closure (similar to a ski boot), as well as claws on the bottom to walk on thin branches. The Freexion is FTC’s new rope device. It will have adjustable friction with three different levels. The different levels are designed to make the device simple, lightweight and efficient. A webbing sling will serve as a tether. In addition, the Freexion will be CE certified with a special clamp knot and EN1891-A ropes.

Arbpro delivers new boot and jackets

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Arbpro is throwing a new shoe into the race with the Evo Safety. With this, the wish of many comes true and the popular Evo 2 gets a cut protection counterpart. In addition to the shoe, two new jackets also enter the stage. Matching the Sigma and Delta pants, the green Climb Tech Jacket will appear in fall 2023. Arbpro’s new fleece jacket is to appear in red and green. It should stand out for its thin and lightweight design, as well as breathability.

Arbotec with new rain jacket

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The new rain jacket from Arbotec is a waterproof, robust hard-shell jacket. It comes in five different colors – two of which are hi-vis with reflective stripes – and has two versions: Half-zip and Full-zip. The most practical thing about the jackets is the long back, which can be tucked under the harness drawstring so it doesn’t slip, and the helmet-compatible hood. So you can pull the hood over your work helmet when the weather becomes almost unbearable.

Skylotec presents the Cric

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The multi-function ascender with pulley “Cric” is particularly suitable for alpine mountaineering, rescues and rope access. The robust Cric can be used in four different ways: as an ascender, rope clamp, rope pulley and as a retrieval pulley. Versatility, compactness and ease of use are intended to reduce the amount of time, as well as the space required during maneuvers.

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