Tree Care Days 2023: Highlights and novelties

Since its foundation in 1993, the German Tree Care Days in Augsburg have been one of the most important European training events in the field of tree care. The triad of specialist conference, climbing forum and tree care trade fair is what makes the event special and attracts thousands of visitors* to the Fuggerstadt every year. » weiterlesen

Two new tree climbing masters for southern Germany!

From September 23 to 25, the Southern German tree climbing championship took place in Hohenbrunn, Bavaria. Only a few kilometers away from the Bavarian capital, the best tree climbers from southern Germany met with a little reinforcement from the north to determine the new southern German champion. In the end, Sélina Hornbogen and Viktor Magnus snatched the two cups of the Southern German champions. » weiterlesen

Tree Climbing World Championship 2022 – Hedger & Allen-Hall take the world titles

From September 9 to 11, the World Tree Climbing Championships took place in Copenhagen. For three days, there was plenty of action for the capital of Denmark to marvel at. More than 80 participants, including two starters from Germany, wanted to win the title of world champion. » weiterlesen

Little carabiner guide for tree climbing, tree care and rigging

Carabiners play an important role in tree care and tree climbing. They are the fundamental connectors between the individual components of the climbing system. Which form and which closure are suitable when and where in tree care and tree climbing? » weiterlesen

On a strong line: Tree climbing ropes in tree care

Anyone who works professionally with rope climbing techniques in tree care needs tree climbing ropes. Because a tree climber needs ropes with very special properties adapted to the task. In addition, the tree climbing rope is part of the PPE, which defines further criteria for choosing the right rope. » weiterlesen

The 540 tree care battery series by Husqvarna

Husqvarna developed the 540i XP and T540i XP cordless chainsaws in close cooperation with professional arborists. Whether climbing in the tree, in the basket of the aerial work platform or on the ground: The tasks in tree care are versatile and demanding. Therefore, the appropriate chainsaw must be versatile, comfortable and absolutely safe. » weiterlesen

Tree climbing harness: Which harness fits me?

The tree climbing harness connects the tree climber to the climbing system and protects him from falling. Furthermore, the tree climber often moves around in it all day long. In addition to functionality, quality and comfort are what matter – as with no other element of personal protective equipment (PPE). » weiterlesen