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You got your own look? Your company has its own design with logo? No problem! Our experienced and creative Freeworker team will design your individual Protos® Integral according to your wishes. Of course, there are some guidelines to consider so that the helmet continues to meet the standards. But with these eight simple steps it will work with your dream helmet or visor (information on custom printed Protos visors) in individual design from our Protos® Integral Customer Edition!

Eight Steps to your Individual-Protos!

Step 1

You choose a Protos® Integral in your desired configuration (Industry / Climber / Forest / Climber Arborist / Set-Arborist) and in a suitable base color.

Step 2

You contact our customer service (+49 (0) 8105 – 730 60 253 or info[at] and let us know your ideas and wishes. We will be happy to advise you if you are not sure about some details.

Step 3

You send us your data (logo, images, etc.) in a sufficient quality (preferably vector data or high-resolution image data) by e-mail.

Step 4

Our graphic designers create an individual design according to your wishes and with your data, which fits to your selected Protos® Integral.

Step 5

You will be sent the design of your individual Protos® Integral Customer Edition by us and will release it for printing.

Step 6

We get the coordinated design printed and stick it on the helmet.

Step 7

About three weeks after the approval of the print your desired Protos® Integral is ready and will be sent to you.

Step 8

Now all you have to do is unpack your helmet from the Protos® Integral Customer Edition, put it on and “bear” the envious looks of your colleagues!


Protos® Integral Customer Edition

For a personal quote just contact our customer service

☎ +49 (0) 8105 – 730 60 253
✉ request a quote by e-mail


A custom printed visor according to your wishes

Protos® Integral Customer Edition with individual visorA matching visor in the design of your individual Protos® Integral finalizes the look of your helmet. Of course you can order your individually printed visor separately, too. The Protos® Visor F39 (fine) can be printed.

If you want an individual print, please let us know when you tell us your ideas and wishes for an individual Protos® Integral. Our graphics team will take this into account when customizing your helmet and you can already see in the design proposals what your helmet including visor will look like!


And the costs?

Protos® Integral Customer EditionThe price for your individual Protos® Integral depends entirely on your wishes and the effort for the design. It is calculated from the basic price of the helmet, the printing costs for the sticker and the costs for the design by our graphics department. For every single project we have to recalculate the price. Since the costs for the graphics are only incurred once, the more helmets your project includes, the lower the individualisation costs per helmet.

The delivery time of an individually printed visor can take up to four weeks and you must expect additional costs for the individual printing of your visor (maximum approx. 30 €). The more visors your order includes, the cheaper are the printing costs. The cost of design by our graphics department is € 75 plus VAT per working hour.

For a personal quote just contact our customer service

☎ +49 (0) 8105 – 730 60 253
✉ request a quote by e-mail


Unique and exclusive – Our Protos® Integral special editions

Unique Protos® Integral designs that stand out on any worksite are also available in our shop ready for delivery. A complete exciting look including matching visor from our in-house designers. Just choose your helmet and accessories and add them to your shopping cart!

Protos® Integral Special Sets


Striking and exclusive – Protos® Integral Arbormojis

With the Freeworker Protos® Integral Arbormojis we put a smile on your face and that of your colleagues. Even if things aren’t going well or you’re having a bad day, the Arbormoji visors will keep you friendly towards customers and colleagues. All you have to do is fold down the visor.

Protos® Integral Smile visors


Extraordinary and exclusive – Protos Special Edition

The designs of the Freeworker Protos® Integral Special Edition add a very special touch to the popular Protos® Integral helmet. Whether Protos® Integral Forest, Climber, Arborist, Arborist Climber or Industry, Freeworker’s unique designs fit all Protos® basic models.

Protos® Integral Special Edition

With the handy Freeworker Protos®-Designer, you can test in advance what your favourite Protos® combination will look like.

Freeworker Protos® Designer

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  1. Wat kost de protos helm in wit neon roze met zwarte bril,kinbandje,absorber, wit neon roze oorkappen en fijn vizier?

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