«Baumpflegetage» 2019: Highlights and novelties

For some years now, the trade fair held parallel to the trade conference and the climbing forum at the «Baumpflegetage» has been a fixed date of the year for manufacturers and producers from the arboriculture sector. In Augsburg they present their novelties and further developments of popular classics to the European professional community on an annually growing exhibition space. In addition to new products, the „Baumpflegetage“ are also a popular meeting place where manufacturers and arborists can talk and discuss practical issues.

Logo BaumpfegetageThe practical experts are no longer just the more than 1,600 participants of the symposium. Numerous day visitors also visited the trade fair with 140 exhibitors to find out about innovations in tree care and to network nationally and internationally. In addition to the TCI Expo in the USA, the «Baumpflegetage» have become the most important trade fair for the community. In 2019, the big highlights in Augsburg did not take place, but there were some interesting new products to discover at the «Baumpflegetage».

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The next “Baumpflegetage” will take place from 21 to 23 April 2020.
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New from Edelrid

Logo EdelridWith the Woodpecker, Edelrid presented in Augsburg a new climbing rope specially adapted to the needs of arborists. The tree climbing rope with a diameter of 11.7 millimetres has a sheath texture that ensures a sure grip. It is easy to splice and comes onto the market in two bright basic colours. The rope is optimised for use with self-braking descenders. Friends of the popular XP-E tree climbing rope are looking forward to new colours. In addition, the colour combinations Bahamas, Aruba and Seychelles will soon be available. A caribbean in the everyday climbing life.

The light and low-stretch throw line hotline 1.8 with tear-resistant Dyneema fibres in the rope sheath is also new. The coiled winding reduces the tendency to tangle and the smooth surface ensures good sliding properties. With the Retrieval Cone 3R, Edelrid continues on its path of recycling residues from its own production into new products. The company from Bavaria also uses this process for the Parrot rope, Talon crampons and Rope Bowl.

Koala 1.2 und Honos bei Courant

Logo CourantAfter four years on the market, Courant gave his Koala climbing harness some innovations. Besides the sizes L and M the harness will soon be available in a smaller size S as well. The bridges are also stronger and more durable. A colour-contrasting indicator core indicates when the bridge needs to be changed. The experience of many climbers was incorporated into the design of the new and more comfortable leg pads.

The Honos material carabiners presented at the „Baumpflegetage“ are new and colourful. In three bright colours, they are easily recognisable even in diffuse lighting conditions. The lightweight Honos karabiners are available in two sizes. The larger karabiner has two safety locks and thus remains firmly attached to the belt.


Logo ISCThe ISC Rigging Rope Wrench – presented at the TCI Expo 2018 in Baltimore – showed the Welsh as a novelty for the European market in Augsburg. It can be used to rig and lift smaller loads from the ground and also directly from the crown. The Rigging Rope Wrench is optimised for 13 millimetre ropes and will be available in two versions in June/July 2019. The simple variant is suitable for working loads of up to 70 kilograms. The variant with a rone way locking wheel is designed for loads between 20 and 120 kilograms.

Logo FTCFTC presented the progress made in the development of a combined block and rigging roll. The French presented these for the first time in 2018 at the “Baumpflegetage”. In the test phase, however, abrasion problems were identified which required a stronger anodization of the roll. It will certainly take some time before the roll is ready for the market. In 2019 a new practical and cheap bag with several compartments will be launched on the market. Climbing equipment and other materials can be stowed comfortably and thematically separated in it.

Innovations at DMM

Logo DMMMuch attention is paid to the DMM stand every year, not only on the “Baumpflegetage”. The Welsh stand for exciting and innovative innovations in tree care industry like hardly any other company. The striking and widely visible highlight of 2019: The Keanu. The smaller version of the Offya & Deviant tyrolean system announced for 2019 was partly developed directly at the customer’s request. Thanks to quick-release locking pins, the system is easy to configure and two Keanu can be quickly screwed together to create parallel redundancy. All components of the system should be easy to replace.

The new Directors are four carabiners designed for strong and compact termination connections. They can be combined with many other DMM products. Also the transformer for the Treemotion climbing harnesses, developed together with the Treemagineers, could be seen in Augsburg. However, the device is not expected before 2020.

Many novelties at Petzl

Logo PetzlIn 2019 Petzl introduced further developments of some of its classics to the market. Accordingly, these were the focus of attention at the stand of the climbing brand from the French Alps. The new ZigZag and the new ZigZag Plus, which together with the Chicane are also suitable for SRT technology, have been on the market for some time. The new versions of the Sequoia and Sequoia SRT climbing harnesses are also already on sale. Furthermore Petzl showed in Augsburg the improved versions of the belay device I’D and descender Rig, the helmets Strato and Vertex and the Caritool material carabiner.

WoodU for Girls bei Arbpro

Logo WoodUIn 2017 Arbpro presented under the label WoodU an upbeat collection for everyone who feels connected with trees. In addition to several new colours in the existing collection, the Italian brand is adding tank tops, shirts, trousers and jackets for women to its existing range. There is a choice of the new and long-awaited clothes for arborists in the colours grey, green, pink or light blue. The clothes should be available in our shop before the summer 2019.

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