Innovations for tree care and tree climbing at A+A 2019

Logo A+AA+A in Düsseldorf is the world’s leading trade fair for safety and health at work. Numerous manufacturers in the tree care and tree climbing field are also presenting their innovations there. A good reason for Freeworker to take a look around the fair and at the latest innovations in rope climbing technology. In addition to some exciting new products, you can look forward to, there are interesting further developments of proven systems.

Product campaign at Edelrid

Logo EdelridThe climbing specialists from Edelrid presented themselves with many new tools for tree care at the A+A in Düsseldorf. With the Talon spurs, the Allgäu company caused a sensation in 2017. In future, there will be a separate foot ascender for these spurs, the Foot Cruiser, which will also be available on the market in a foot/shoe version. The tree climber can lock and unlock the ascender with a lever operated with the other foot. If the lever is not needed in daily work, it can be easily unscrewed.

Highlight: Tree Rex

The highlight of Edelrid at the A+A was the new tree climbing harness Tree Rex. With many different rope bridges, the climbing harness is easy to configure for a wide range of applications in the field. Edelrid also presented a green rope bridge for SRT (included in delivery). Numerous loops and belts offer plenty of space for material.

Edelrid has chosen the proven Triple-Lock buckles for the Tree Rex. These are easy to use, but do not open under load. A sport climbing technique distributes the force evenly over three straps and ensures a comfortable fit. Edelrid will offer the harness in two sizes and with a matching first aid kit.

With the new chest harness Bungee Chest, which fits to the Tree Rex, the user can adjust via loops where exactly the climbing equipment should hang – depending on body size and personal preference, similar to Chester and Chester Solo. An integrated rubber band is perfect for the knee ascender.

Further novelties by Edelrid

A new static rope with a high amount of aramid by Edelrid promises protection against sharp edges. However, the Interstatic is primarily intended for industrial climbing, not so much for tree care. The new Kaa pulley system is ideal for rescue operations. It uses belts instead of ropes. It is also stored in a small bag that fits snugly on the harness and is quickly installed.

New useful tools by Camp Safety

Logo Camp SafetyThe new kilo by Camp is a reasonably priced, sturdy material carabiner for everyday use. The aluminium alloy karabiner is easily and quickly attached to the belt by two stainless steel screws. A flat opening prevents accidental opening or getting caught. A new rigging tool is the new 3-fold swivel Gyro. All three connecting elements rotate freely and provide freedom of movement. For example, the Gyro can be threaded directly onto the rope bridge. This gives the climber a swivel for the climbing equipment and a second anchor point. The rubber rings can be easily removed if required.

News at Skylotec and DMM

Logo SkylotecThe first model of a revised Kolibri tree climbing harness could be seen at the booth of Skylotec. Among other things, there are new buckles and replaceable rope bridges for the harness, which will be renamed. At the A+A, Skylotec also presented a new chest ascender and the versatile Sirius descender.

Logo DMMThe long announced Hitch Climber Eccentric – a further development of the proven Hitch Climber pulley – was presented by DMM in different new colours. The pulley should be launched on the market at the beginning of 2020. The Captain throw hook will be forged instead of milled in the future and will also be available in several colours.

Further innovations

Kask SunshieldFrancital has announced new climbing trousers and a new climbing jacket especially for the tree care market for 2020 in Düsseldorf. Last but not least there was a little highlight to discover at the booth of Kask. Sunshield is a practical sun cap for Kask helmets and protects against sunburn on hot days. Whether a practical tool for everyday use or a useless gimmick is in the end the personal decision of each individual.

When will these things be launched?

As always, manufacturers present new products and prototypes at trade fairs where it is not clear yet when and at what price they will be launched. In a separate blog post we keep you informed about the most exciting new products on the tree care market. As soon as we have information about the prices and marketability of the products, we will inform you accordingly and you will stay up to date.

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