Rescue Banana principle: simple – fast – successful

With the Rescue Banana, help is quickly at hand in an emergency. Because every accident causes stress for the people involved. Particularly in tree climbing, the danger of an orthostatic shock means that the injured person has to be rescued quickly from the tree. Stress can only be overcome with routine and speed can only be achieved with a prepared and optimised system. To maintain routine is your job. With the system we have a solution: the Rescue Banana Kit!

Rescue Banana: Good teamwork

The Rescue Banana is designed as a rescue kit and was created according to the principle “form follows function”. It is the result of the exchange of numerous climbing instructors from all over Germany, their experiences, ideas and thoughts. Dirk Lingens and Gernot Räbel, both instructors at the Münchner Baumkletterschule, specialized in finding the best possible solution, gathered a lot of experience and finally developed the Rescue Banana in cooperation with the Freeworker design workshop.

Rescue Banana with detailed explanations

Perfectly adapted to the course of movement

In an emergency, the Rescue Banana can be wrapped around the hip in a flash. It fits easily over climbing harness and equipment. This carrying method ensures that the weight is optimally distributed for the ascent, while the upper body has the greatest possible freedom of movement. Like a banana, the ends of the bag have a conical shape and are open at their ends. This way nothing can fall out, but the rope runs easily through this guideway as soon as the climber pulls on the carabiner in the right opening, so that he can immediately have the complete system in his hands.

Suitable for right- and left-handed users

The rescuer climbs over the ascent rope to the top of the tree, pulls the prepared main climbing system from an opening and installs it. From the other opening he pulls the abseiling device installed at the other end of the rope as a single rope variant, e.g. for a rescue out of climbing spurs or the ascent rope as well as for the return from the outside branch area to the tree centre. The Rescue Banana is equally suitable for right-handed and left-handed people. Everyone simply carries the kit around exactly as they need it.

Rescue Banana: explanation of the Zip-Easy concept

Application areas of the Rescue Banana:

  • Rescue from the outer branch region of the crown
  • Rescue from the ascent, single and double rope
  • Rescue from the climbing spurs on the trunk

Contents of the Rescue Banana Kit:

  • a RIG descender
  • a Turn pulley as friction hitch pusher
  • six metres XP-e tree climbing rope (Ø 12,3 mm) with splice for the friction saver
  • a Ropetooth knive
  • two Inco O friction hitch slings (50 cm), one for the friction saver and one in-line anchor
  • a Ocean Sling 8 friction hitch sling (76 cm) for the climbing system
  • 60 metres Crope Industrie semi-static rope (Ø 10,5 mm) with sewn eye
  • five OK Ball Lock oval carabiners
  • two William Ball Lock HMS-carabiners
  • a Mini D 80 carabiner
  • a Sling 16 loop sling (120 cm)
  • a Huit figure-8
  • a Rescue-Banana hip bag (red) for the rescue system

Rescue Banana Kit: Contents

Possible additional equipment:

  • small metal saw for cutting through wire core ropes
  • friction hitch rope

Important note

This rescue kit contains some products that haven’t been certified for their intended application. The setup was chosen for lack of certified alternatives, it is hence recommended for emergencies only. This should be considered with your risk-assessment and pre-work briefings. Do not use this set, if falling into the climbing system could occur as this may result in impact overloads.

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