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Logo HusqvarnaThe Swedish company Husqvarna manufactures motorised equipment for tree care, forestry and landscaping. The origins go back to 1689 – more than 325 years of experience! This is reflected in the uncompromising quality, ease of use and top performance of Husqvarna products. From October 2020, Freeworker takes up the high-quality battery- or petrol-powered chainsaws, hedge trimmers and pole saws. As a partner to the tree care industry, Freeworker expands its product range to include this elementary area.

The origins of Husqvarna

It all started near the Swedish town of Jönköping, which is located in the province of Småland. There is the small village Huskvarna, which is now part of Jönköping. The name literally means “house by the mill”. It was there that King Gustav II founded “Jönköpings Gevärsfaktori” in 1689, which initially produced muskets. Nobody suspected at that time that centuries later it would become one of the market leaders in the field of forestry and gardening equipment.

From motorcycles to chainsaws

In 1872 the production of sewing machines and cast-iron household appliances was added. From 1896 the Swedes produced the first bicycles, from 1903 motorcycles. Finally, in 1918, the focus on gardening tools began with the first lawn mowers. Husqvarna has been producing chainsaws since 1959.

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In the course of its history, the brand has developed steadily. The Swedes have remained true to their basic principles: to develop and manufacture innovative, high-quality products according to customer needs. Today, Husqvarna is fully focused on the production of high-quality power tools for tree care, forestry, gardening and landscaping.

Husqvarna chainsaws for tree care

In addition to strong performance, the focus with chainsaws is on durable construction and high safety. The user-friendly design also reduces strain on the body and allows efficient working. The effective inertia-activated chain brake ensures even more safety in a professional work environment.

Husqvarna Chainsaws for Tree Care

Husqvarna battery series

  • Thanks to its durable, powerful Li-Ion battery, the battery series works just as reliably as petrol-powered devices – while protecting the environment.
  • The brushless electric motors with high, consistent torque at a low rotation speed are suitable even for demanding tasks in professional tree care environment.
  • In addition, the battery-powered chainsaws offer a high level of safety. They must be actively switched on and remain in standby mode for 30 minutes when the chain brake is activated.
  • The active battery cooling ensures a longer service life. Thanks to the savE™ system the operating time of the devices can be maximised.
  • The lateral battery compartment ensures that the battery is protected against dirt and weather conditions, especially during professional use.
  • The Husqvarna batteries can be used for all devices of the battery series and are interchangeable.

Petrol-powered saws by Husqvarna

  • Thanks to AutoTune™, the engine always runs at optimum performance, as operation is automatically regulated according to temperature, fuel, altitude, etc.
  • The patented X-Torq® engine technology reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emissions by using clean air to dissipate exhaust gases.
  • The centrifugal air cleaning system Air Injection™ reduces abrasion and ensures longer operating time between filter cleanings.
  • The LowVib® dampeners relieve the arms by reducing the vibration of the chainsaw.
  • SmartStart® reduces the resistance in the starter cord up to 40 %, so the engine starts even at low speeds.

Husqvarna at Freeworker

Husqvarna FachhändlerWith many Husqvarna machines and the corresponding service, we are expanding our product portfolio in the store in Gilching and online. After all, chainsaws in particular are indispensable in tree care and forestry. Whether for pure maintenance work, tree pruning or felling – the wide range of high-quality chainsaws offers the right tool for every job. In addition to the saws, with battery or petrol-driven, we also offer hedge trimmers, pole saws and many other machines for gardening and landscaping as well as suitable accessories.

Husqvarna Chainsaw in detail

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