ART DoubleSnapper 3: removal device

ART has arrived on a new level of product development. The clever designed DoubleSnapper has reached its next step on the „evolutionary ladder“ and acquired a considerably increased tensile load capacity. The sophisticated new frame design now prevents the body completely from any forcing apart and as a consequence the derailing of the ball cage even under load. Retrieving the RopeGuide or other friction savers turns out much easier. Since the RopeGuide should not experience uncontrolled falls, the DoubleSnapper 3 proves ideal for its controlled retrieving.

The DoubleSnapper was devised and developed for a gentle and controlled retrieving of the RopeGuide, but it can be applied with other friction savers too. Friction savers like the RopeGuide should never experience uncontrolled falls. Using a throw line allows for a controlled retrieving of every kind of friction saver. However, it takes 4 to 8 times the installation height for the throw line with conventional methods. Not so with the DoubleSnapper, because it outsmarts the multiplication of the throw line in such a way, that the DoubleSnapper can be pulled down safely and without damage using only twice the length of the throw line. The third generation of the DoubleSnapper impresses in design and with an enormous tensile strength.

Video: Rope Guide Ground to Air Install featuring Double Snapper on Retrieval