ART RopeGuide 2010: unique friction saver

ART RopeGuide 2010 LinkThe RopeGuide exists since 2003. With the RopeGuide 2010, a major further development has taken place. Because of the unique, patented RopeGuide concept, it is still very popular. The product name has long been turned into a technical term.

The RopeGuide 2010 captivates by his unique system of TunnelRing and rope. This ring only weighs half of the weight of a normal ring. Nevertheless, it has a very high loading capacity because of the 8 mm rope that runs through the tunnel. Additionally, the relatively thin rope is well protected by the ring. At the same time, the parallel suture throughout the entire lengths makes for a friction saver with a wide bearing surface. It is available in the proven lengths of 1.5 and 3 metres.

The RopeGuide 2010 is still equipped with high-quality components – like the elegant and very comfortable Trapeze shackle and the unique Cocoon pulley. It is also available with the low-cost Link 2 pulley.

Anyone, who wants a high-quality, firm and good value friction saver with a sturdy and wide anchoring rope, chooses the RopeGuide 2010.

Information about installed products

  • RopeGuide overall concept: patent
  • Cocoon: utility model
  • ZipAbsorber: utility model
  • TunnelRing: utility model
  • Trapeze: patent

Video: ART RopeGuide 2010

RopeGuide 2010 features:

  • ART RopeGuide 2010 Cocoonpatented
  • mobile anchor and friction saver
  • certified according to EN 795 B
  • body and parts (except for Link 2) are made of aluminium machined in the solid
  • Link 2 side plates made of 2 mm stainless steel plate
  • integrated ZipAbsorber (shock absorber)
  • super smooth rope feed thanks to Cocoon 5 or Link 2
  • continuously adjustable length
  • can be combined with DoubleSnapper 3 for controlled removal
  • easy lifting of climbing system after having thrown the ring end
  • optimal „choking“ mode (choking the trunk)
  • automatic blocking without slippage even after heavy loads
  • top safety and loading capacity based on the TunnelRing rope combination
  • optimized retrieving of ring based on integrated fender
  • easy release of device when retrieving
  • low kink friction saver provides nice width and abrasion resistance by parallel sewn 8 mm polyester rope
  • thanks to the Trapeze 5 installment and retrieving of the climbing line is very comfortable
  • service life: 10 years for all metal parts
  • tested with 18 kN/3 min.
  • breaking strength: 24 kN
  • weight: 150 cm ca. 520 g, 300 cm ca. 700 g