Twister: new swivel by ART

The best of both worlds

The ART 2-eye-swivel named Twister has all the hallmarks of the special ART design. It is light and compact, and shows its versatility especially when at work with various PPE components. The Twister combines two basically opposing principles of construction: smooth rotation when not under load and a stable yet rotating alignment when under load.

A special ART Coup

The Twister was constructed with a stainless steel bushing instead of a smoothly running ball bearing which allows for an easy twisting of rope control devices when not under load as well as a stable positioning with a defined rotational resistance under load.

Designed by experience

The rotational resistance under load as defined with the Twister was chosen with a purpose, just as it was done with the Positioner and LockJack swivels. For optimum handling, rope control and rope adjustment devices during the climb are often turned to hold a given position. Ideally they are supposed to stay in this position without following a twist in the rope after releasing the adjuster. Exactly this is being achieved by applying the defined rotational resistance under load – making the Twister a perfect design of experience.

ART Twister: ExampleTwister features:

  • anchoring device according to EN 354:2010
  • service life: 7 years
  • tested with 24 kN/3 Min.
  • breaking strength: 28 kN
  • eye size: 18 mm
  • length: 78 mm
  • greatest width: 30 mm
  • weight: 58 g
  • material: constructal aluminium and stainless steel
  • production technology: machined in the solid
  • surface: anodised
  • marking: laser engraving

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