Just arrived: ART SnakeTail

The ART SnakeTail serves as a versatile tool in climbing and tree work. Similarities with the SnakeAnchor won’t be denied, still the SnakeTail comes with its very own characteristics and focal points.

Versatile application

Because of its short length of about 115 cm the SnakeTail serves mainly as a connecting device between harness and ascenders or other rope control devices, as a redirect, a lanyard or … the SnakeTail is providing an inexhaustible number of applications.

With or without

The SnakeTail’s grooved ring can be removed. Just undo the locking screw of the sleeve, push the sleeve back or take it off. Now you can detach the grooved ring from the eye, which then can be used as an opening for connectors.

Special rope

The SnakeTail rope (MegaTwin Ø 8 mm) has been developed in a cooperation of Hubert Kowalewski and experts of the renowned rope manufacturer Gleistein in Bremen. The core of this kernmantle rope is made of 50 % Dyneema and 50 % polyester, its sheave made of polyester, abrasion and UV resistant. Dyneema provides great tenacity and little elongation. In spite of many segment seams the rope material is quite soft and easy to handle because of a special braiding technique for core and sheath.

Video: Introduction to the SnakeTail

SnakeTail features:

  • ART SnakeTailmobile anchor and connecting device
  • certified according to EN 759 B und EN 354:02010
  • multiple uses e.g. as anchor, redirect, work positioning, connecting device
  • adjustable length in 5 cm intervals
  • can be applied as adjustable friction management device together with carabiners or redirect pulley
  • great abrasion resistance with a wide contact surface thanks to the parallel sewn 8 mm kernmantle Dyneema/polyester rope
  • only little elongation based on the core’s Dyneema content
  • removable NutRing
  • static load capacity of segment seams up to 4 kN (working load)
  • from 5 kN shock absorbing properties with defined tearing of the respective segment seam without affecting the ends minimum breaking strength
  • service life: 5 years
  • tested with 24 kN/3 Min.
  • breaking strength: ca. 28 kN
  • ring’s inner diameter: 25 mm
  • length: ca. 115 cm
  • weight: ca. 170 g

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