Hall of Fame: Tree Climbing Championships

Every year, the best arborists and tree climbers in many countries of the world compete to determine the best of their profession in a fair and sporting competition. Smaller national championships qualify for continental and international championships. Who has been able to sign up for the winners’ lists so far?

Lists of winners


If you have any further results or corrections – or if your country is missing at all –, please send a list of the results straight to us by e-mail. Thank you very much for your help!


German Tree Climbing Championships

German tree climbing championships have been held since 1994. The German section of the International Society of Arnoriculture – ISA Germany e.V. – organizes the competitions at annually changing locations.


Women Men Place
2019 Eva-Maria Mauz Fabian Weber Ingolstadt
2018 Anika Hartramph Tim Schröder Bleckede
2017 Eva-Maria Mauz Fabian Weber Iserlohn
2016 Annette Neumann Gregor Hansch Oschatz
2015 Ines Huth Ronny Epple Tübingen
2014 Annette Neumann Michael Hansch Celle
2013 Annette Neumann Moritz Theuerkauf Unna
2012 Kathrin Blessing Bernd Strasser Dießen am Ammersee
2011 Kathrin Blessing Moritz Theuerkauf Bad Pyrmont
2010 Bernd Strasser Schloss Dyck, Jüchen
2009 Hanja Fritze Ronny Epple Waldkirch
2008 Thoren Benk Bad Nauheim
2007 Hanja Fritze Ronny Epple Lüneburger Heide
2006 Thoren Benk Karlsruhe
2005 Marlies Laser Bernd Strasser Worms
2004 Ronny Epple Kamp-Lintfort
2003 Marlies Laser Ronny Epple Kassel
2002 Bernd Strasser Insel Mainau
2001 Helmut Schwengels Berlin
2000 Helmut Schwengels Wehrden
1999 Bernd Strasser Schloss Lichtenstein
1998 Bernd Strasser Wien
1997 Kay Busemann Frankfurt
1996 Bernd Strasser Salzburg
1995 Bernd Strasser Minden
1994 Kay Busemann Mönchen­gladbach

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French Tree Climbing Championships

The Rencontres Nationales d’Arboriculture – the French Tree Climbing Championships – have been taking place since 1987. The French chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture – the Société Française d’Arboriculture – is responsible for the organization and realization of the competitions at annually changing locations.


Women Men Place
2019 Laura Didier Benoit Bouton Champlan (91)
2018 Sophie Valat Tanguy Bonniord Agen
2017 Justine Deleglise Jérôme Pagny Marquette-lez-Lille
2016 Tanguy Bonniord Vichy
2015 Jerôme Pagny Capdenac Gare
2014 Laurent Pierron La Rochelle
2013 Romain Chignardet Nancy
2012 Laurent Pierron Pau
2011 Romain Chignardet Paris
2010 Laurent Pierron Strasbourg
2009 Nathanaël Gros Aix en Provence
2008 Sandra Albrecht Xavier Desnos Hay les Roses
2007 Camille De Muynck Frédéric Dauphin Bayonne
2006 Camille De Muynck Michel Schneider Nantes
2005 Sandra Albrecht Laurent Pierron Morlaix
2004 Camille De Muynck Michel Schneider Randan
2003 Emmanuel Daout Bordeaux
2002 Pierre Exertier Paris
2001 Emmanuel Daout Lille
1999 Frédéric Dauphin Lyon
1998 Franck Delattre Nantes
1997 François Vecchiarelli Bourges
1994 François Dussene Montpellier
1992 François Dussene Hay les Roses
1991 François Dussene Aix les Bains
1990 François Cornu Lyon
1989 Serge Ponton Valence
1988 Jacques Valle Valence
1987 Manuel Perez Montélimar

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European Tree Climbing Championships (ETCC)

The European Tree Climbing Championships have been held since 1993. Since 2004 there is also a women’s competition. Organizer is the International Society of Arboriculture.


Women Men Place
2019 United Kingdom Josephine Hedger Belgium Frits van der Werff Germany Putbus
2018 United Kingdom Josephine Hedger France Romain Chignardet France Thoiry
2017 United Kingdom Josephine Hedger Sweden Johan Phil Netherlands Deventer
2016 United Kingdom Josephine Hedger Belgium Peter Vergote Czech Republic Prag
2015 Switzerland Anja Erni United Kingdom Matt Glen italy Monza
2014 United Kingdom Josephine Hedger United Kingdom Matt Glen poland Swierklaniec
2013 Switzerland Anja Erni Switzerland Roger Tanner Switzerland Thun
2012 Switzerland Anja Erni Sweden Johan Gustavsson Germany Bernried
2011 United Kingdom Philippa Allen Italy Giovanni Ugo Austria Wien
2010 Switzerland Anja Erni United Kingdom John Turnbull Czech Republic Prag
2009 Switzerland Anja Erni United Kingdom John Turnbull Sweden Malmö
2008 United Kingdom Philippa Allen United Kingdom John Turnbull Italy Turin
2007 Germany Paloma Ziegelmeier Germany Helmut Schwengels Belgium Brüssel
2006 Germany Paloma Ziegelmeier Germany Ronny Epple France Nantes
2005 Germany Marlies Laser Switzerland Mark Bridge Denmark Kopenhagen
2004 France Camille DeMuynck Switzerland Mark Bridge Netherlands Maastricht
2003 Germany Michi Hansch United Kingdom Westonbirt
2002 Switzerland Patrick Zurcher Norway Oslo
2001 Switzerland Patrick Zurcher Germany Moers
1999 United Kingdom John Hartill Spain Valencia
1998 Germany Kai Busemann Italy Merano
1997 Germany Kai Busemann France Versailles
1996 France Laurent Sapin Germany Lahnstein

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International Tree Climbing Championships (ITCC)

Since 1976, the International Society of Arboriculture has determined the world champion and, since 2001, also the female world champion in tree climbing.


Women Men Place
2019 United Kingdom Josephine Hedger New Zealand Scott Forrest USA Knoxville
2018 Canada Krista Strating New Zealand James Kilpatrick USA Columbus
2017 New Zealand Chrissy Spence New Zealand James Kilpatrick USA Washington
2016 New Zealand Chrissy Spence New Zealand James Kilpatrick USA Forth Worth
2015 USA Jamilee Kempton USA James Earhart USA Orlando
2014 United Kingdom Josephine Hedger New Zealand Scott Forrest USA Milwaukee
2013 New Zealand Nicala Ward-Allen New Zealand Scott Forrest USA Toronto
2012 Sweden Veronika Ericsson Germany Bernd Strasser Canada Toronto
2011 New Zealand Chrissy Spence New Zealand Scott Forest Australia Sidney
2010 United Kingdom Josephine Hedger USA Mark Chisholm USA Providence
2009 Switzerland Anja Erni usa Jared Abrojena USA Chicago
2008 United Kingdom Josephine Hedger Germany Bernd Strasser USA St. Louis
2007 New Zealand Chrissy Spence Germany Bernd Strasser USA Honolulu
2006 New Zealand Elena O’Neill Germany Bernd Strasser USA Minneapolis
2005 New Zealand Chrissy Spence usa Dan Kraus USA St. Nashville
2004 usa Kathy Holzer Germany Bernd Strasser USA Pittsburgh
2003 Australia Kiah Martin Germany Bernd Strasser Canada Montreal
2002 USA Wenda Li Germany Bernd Strasser USA Seattle
2001 Germany Christina Engel USA Mark Chisholm USA Milwaukee
2000 Germany Bernd Strasser USA Baltimore
1999 Germany Bernd Strasser USA Stamford
1998 usa Michael Cotter United Kingdom Birmingham
1997 usa Mark Chisholm USA Salt Lake City
1996 usa Rip Tompkins USA Cleveland
1995 usa Ken Palmer USA Hilton Head
1994 usa Jim Harris Canada Halifax
1993 usa Ken Palmer USA Bismarck
1992 usa Bob Weber USA Oakland
1991 usa Ken Palmer USA Philadelphia
1990 usa Greg Clemens Canada Toronto
1989 usa Bob Weber USA St. Charles
1988 Canada Vancouver
1987 USA Keystone
1986 usa Craig Cutler USA San Antonio
1985 usa Steve Bannan USA Milwaukee
1984 usa Rick Husband Canada Quebec
1983 usa Bob Maltby USA Indianapolis
1982 usa Bob Hunter USA Louisville
1981 usa Bob Hunter USA Boyne Falls
1980 usa Paul Harlow USA Hartford
1979 usa Sam Noonan USA San Diego
1978 usa Sam Noonan Canada Toronto
1977 usa Tom Smith USA Philadelphia
1976 usa Tom Gosnell USA St. Louis

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