The right battery for your Husqvarna device and its care

Logo HusqvarnaHusqvarna has about 40 different battery powered devices and nine different types of batteries in its range. The devices are supplied without batteries. Therefore these must be ordered additionally when buying one of the devices. This leads to the question: Which battery fits my device? We give you a compact overview of the different batteries and which one fits your tasks and devices. For a long durability and an optimal performance of the batteries the right care is important. We give you advice on how to take full advantage of the charging cycles of your Husqvarna batteries.

Husqvarna one battery system

Husqvarna battery systemHusqvarna is using the one battery system for all battery powered devices. All the manufacturer’s batteries fit and function perfectly in almost all devices. However, there are differences depending on how often the devices are used and the challenges that await them and the user. Accordingly, not every battery is recommended for your device.

Husqvarna has three categories to determine which battery fits the device and application. In the professional use the devices are designed for long working days and are accordingly powerful, efficient and sturdy. The batteries for these professional applications are weatherproof, powerful and very durable with up to 1,500 charging cycles.

Devices and batteries for regular use are oriented towards the tasks of larger gardens and professional work not occurring daily. Devices designed for work and tasks in the private user area around the house, yard, garden and forest belong to the category occasional use. The batteries for this area are particularly convincing due to their good price-performance ratio.

  • Batteries for professional, commercial use: BLi300, BLi200, BLi200X and backpack batteries (BLi950X, BLi550X)
  • Batteries for regular use: BLi200, BLi200X, BLi100, BLi30
  • Batteries for occasional use: BLi30, BLi20, BLi10, 40-B140, 40-B70

Overview of the batteries

Operating times vary depending on the device, battery and intended use. For professional use, we recommend that you always have several charged batteries at hand. With the Systainer the batteries are well protected on the way to the work site and with the battery belt they are ready for use quickly on the construction site.

Batteries for professional use

BLi300 BLi200/BLi200X BLi100
9.4 Ah | 337 Wh | 1.9 kg 5.2 Ah | 187.2 Wh | 1.3 kg 2.6 Ah | 93.6 Wh | 0.8 kg
1,500 charging cycles 1,500 charging cycles 1,500 charging cycles
Husqvarna Batteries BLi100, BLi200, BLi200X, BLi300


Backpack batteries

BLi950X BLi550X
31.1 Ah | 1,120 Wh | 9.4 kg 15.6 Ah | 562 Wh | 7.9 kg
1,500 charging cycles 1,500 charging cycles
Husqvarna Batteries BLi950X, Bli550X


Batteries for private use

BLi30 BLi20 BLi10
7.5 Ah | 270 Wh | 1.9 kg 4 Ah | 146 Wh | 1.2 kg 2 Ah | 75.6 Wh | 0.8 kg
600 charging cycles 600 charging cycles 600 charging cycles
40-B140 40-B70
4 Ah | 146 Wh | 1,25 kg 2 Ah | 75,6 Wh | 0,8 kg
600 charging cycles 600 charging cycles
Husqvarna Batteries BLi10, BLi20, BLi30

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Recommended batteries for Husqvarna chainsaws

There is a special feature in the field of chainsaws. Husqvarna has developed the T540i XP tree care saw and the BLi200X battery especially for the requirements of arboriculture. This battery is the same as the BLi200 in terms of performance data. However, the reinforced cable cross section provides increased power output when required. Furthermore, with the BLi200X, the T540i is perfectly balanced in terms of weight and fits perfectly in the hand.

535i XP, T535i XP 540i XP T540i XP
BLi200, BLi200X
BLi300 BLi200X, BLi300
120i 330i T540i XP
BLi300, BLi200,
BLi200X, Bli10
Bli950X, BLi300,
BLi200,BLi200X, 40-B140,40-B70
Husqvarna Battery powered chainsaws

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Recommended batteries for Husqvarna pole saws

115iPT4 530iPX 530iP4, 530iPT5
BLi300, BLi200,
BLi200X, Bli10
Bli950X, BLi300,
Husqvarna Battery powered pole saws

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Recommended batteries for Husqvarna hedge trimmers

115iHD45 520iHD60, 520iHD70 520iHE3, 520iHT4
BLi20, BLi10 BLi950X, Bli550X,
BLi200, BLi200X, BLi100
BLi550X, BLi200,
BLi200X, BLi100
Husqvarna Battery powered hedge trimmers

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Recommended batteries for Husqvarna grass trimmers

115iL 315iC 325iLK 520iLX
BLi20, BLi10 BLi30, BLi20,
BLi300, BLi200, BLi200X, 40-B140, 40-B70
BLi30, 40-B140, 40-B70 Bli950X, BLi300,
BLi200, BLi200X
Husqvarna Battery powered grass trimmers

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Recommended batteries for Husqvarna brushcutters

520iRX 535iFR, 535iRX, 535IRXT
Bli950X, BLi300,
BLi200, BLi200X
BLi950X, Bli550X,
BLi200, BLi200X, BLi100
Battery powered brushcutters

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The right charger

Husqvarna offers five different chargers for its battery series. For professional use, the QC330 and the QC500 quick charger are the first choice. The QC500 shows its strengths especially with the powerful batteries BLi950X, Bli550X and BLi300 with up to one third faster charging times. The QC250 and QC80 are chargers for private use and the BLi30, BLi20 and BLi10 batteries. With the QC80F, the battery can be charged via the car’s cigarette lighter socket while on the move.

Husqvarna Charger

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Proper battery care

To ensure that your battery can perform its service for a long time and delivers full power, you should treat it with care, just like any other tool. Husqvarna batteries can be used in temperatures between -10 °C and 40 °C. Whether on the work site or in the workshop: Protect your batteries from direct sunlight, heat, frost and moisture. Dirt, especially on the contacts, should be removed with a clean and dry tissue. If the device is not in use, it is best to remove the battery from it and store it in a clean and dry place. Even if modern chargers terminate the charging process when it is full, the battery should not remain in the charger.

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Proper battery storage

Transport box with batteriesIf you don’t need a battery for a long time, you won’t put it in any corner. It is best to store it in a clean and dry place at a room temperature between 5 °C and 25 °C. Husqvarna recommends charging the battery to 30 to 50 percent for storage. On the BLi10 and BLi20, one LED of the battery indicator lights up at this charging level, and two LEDs on the Bli30, BLi100, BLi200,BLi200X and BLi300.

The batteries should not be stored in a metal box, the most suitable are the handy Systainers by Husqvarna. There must be no metal objects such as screws, nails, coins or similar near the batteries in storage. There is a risk that they will cause the battery terminals to short-circuit, resulting in a possible fire.

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