The 540 tree care battery series by Husqvarna

Husqvarna developed the 540i XP and T540i XP battery powered chainsaws in close cooperation with professional arborists. Whether climbing in the tree, in the basket of the aerial work platform or on the ground: The tasks in tree care are versatile and demanding. Therefore, the right chainsaw must be versatile, comfortable and absolutely safe.

In addition to high safety, all Husqvarna chainsaws focus on durable construction and strong performance. Thanks to the ergonomic design, they are gentle on the body and allow efficient working. The inertia-activated chain brake provides additional safety in professional use.

Especially developed for tree care

Handle of a battery powered chainsawWith the top handle version T540i XP and the rear handle version 540i XP, Husqvarna has two battery powered chainsaws in its range that have been specifically developed for tree care. On the one hand, the cutting performance of both machines is comparable to a petrol powered chainsaw in the 40 cm³ range like the T540 XP Mark II. However, they are much lighter. Husqvarna placed great emphasis on making the saws as compact as possible for less material consumption while maintaining the same level of safety. Especially when climbing and working up in the tree, every single gram counts for arborists.

The design of the 540i models is also based on the experience of the professionals. Thanks to the newly designed chain brake, arborists always have a clear view of the sword and the cut being made when working. The placement of the battery is also well considered. Due to its weight, the battery position plays an important role in handling. The well-placed compartment reduces the effort required and provides the saw with a good balance.

Perfect companions for everyday work

Thanks to its impressive cutting performance and a chain speed of 24 m/s, the T540i XP is not only suitable for removing larger branches. Both models are also suitable for smaller felling jobs. Thanks to the top handle, the T540i XP also ensures an ergonomic position when working in the tree. The 540i XP is the perfect addition for work on the ground with the same performance.

The top handle version comes with an eyelet to quickly and easily attach or detach the saw to the climbing harness and a second eyelet to attach the chainsaw strop. In addition, the three-point safety handle on both models prevents the chainsaw from accidentally starting. At the same time it is designed in such a way that arborists can still easily unlock and operate it.

The materials used, such as magnesium, make the saws extremely sturdy. Loss-proof nuts on the sprocket cover, the recessed felling mark, the fine dust filter in front of the air intake and the active battery cooling system ensure additional durability. Furthermore, both machines are IPX4 classified and are suitable for use in all weather conditions.

The 540 series

Health and environmental benefits

The battery powered chainsaws are advantageous for arborists. They put less strain on the arms when working, as the battery models have lower vibration levels than the petrol powered machines. Chainsaws such as the 540i XP and T540i XP are easy on the ears due to the significantly reduced noise, as well as on the lungs and respiratory tract, as they do not produce any emissions. This lack of emissions is not only a health benefit. Of course it is also good for the environment.

The Husqvarna batteries

Transport box with batteriesHusqvarna developed a new battery especially for the T540i to get the best possible performance: the BLi200X. This battery is the same as the BLi200 in terms of performance data. However, the reinforced cable cross section provides increased power output when required. Furthermore, with the BLi200X, the T540i is perfectly balanced in terms of weight and fits perfectly in the hand. For the 540i it is recommended to use the BLi300. Of course, all batteries can be used with all chainsaws. Depending on the type and duration of the job, it is possible to vary and save weight.

On average, a tree care worker needs about two battery charges for one working day. Therefore, it is useful to have at least one charged spare battery with you on the construction site. The Systainer transport box offers space for spare batteries, and a charger is also safely and comfortably carried along for any operation.

Experiences from practice

Kimberley Both, Forester and tree climber from Luxembourg

Arborist Kimberley Both

I use the T540i XP from Husqvarna’s new range most often for several months now. This is such an ingenious saw. In the tree it is my trusted companion. It simply has so many advantages over other chainsaws: it is powerful, quiet, produces no emissions … You don’t have to start the saw in the tree anymore, you just press the button and the power is there. I also enjoy the silence between cuts, you can communicate with the others without a chainsaw running in the background. A point that also pleases the customers.

The saw is also well balanced and therefore very comfortable to work with. It is also very sturdy. So you don’t have the feeling that you have a toy saw in your hand. The cutting equipment is well adjusted, both for felling and tree care. The battery life is sufficient. You don’t have the feeling that you have to change the battery too often. How many batteries you actually need, however, depends on the type of work. Most of the time I get by with two to three batteries (BLi300 or BLi200X) during the day.

I don’t want to be without this saw anymore. Since I have had it, I don’t use any other top handle chainsaw in the tree anymore. I make all cuts up to about 35 centimeters with it.

Olivia Eggen, professional arborist from Sweden

Arborist Olivia Eggen

With Husqvarna’s new battery powered chainsaws you will be able to perform just as well as with the fuel powered chainsaws and maybe even better because of the added positive effects such as; no pull start just click the “on button” and go, no fumes which creates a better work environment and the option of choosing between the different sizes of batteries depending on the job and therefore adapting the weight of the saw. On top of all of that, they are quiet which makes them perfect for urban tree care and early morning starts.

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