Safety information: Call to review for RopeGuide 2010 and TwinLine

Call to review for the RopeGuide 2010 and RopeGuide TwinLine by ART We have received information about two incidents in short succession, according to which the casing cover of a RopeGuide 2010 (see instruction manual page 8 position 5) has fallen off. This is only » read more

SpiderJack 3 and RopeGuide TwinLine: an Interview with Hubert Kowalewski

Hubert Kowalewski: progressive thinker, developer, and owner of Advanced Ropeclimbing Technology – for short ART. He regularly inspires the arborist scene with his new and innovative developments. The recently announced SpiderJack 3 and RopeGuide TwinLine are also causing quite a stir. Following the unfortunate delay » read more