Two new tree climbing masters for southern Germany!

Preliminary decision

From September 23 to 25, the southern German championship in tree climbing took place in Hohenbrunn, Bavaria. Just a few kilometers from the Bavarian capital, the best southern German tree climbers met with a little reinforcement from the north to determine the new southern German champion. In the end, Sélina Hornbogen and Viktor Magnus snatched the two cups of the southern German champions.

New system, new schedule, but no problems

The Southern German Championship surprised with a new competition system. Due to the small number of helpers, who nevertheless did an incredible job, the participants were divided into two groups. The same happened with the disciplines of the preliminary decision. In terms of time, it was a complete success, because the new approach worked flawlessly. Perhaps this could also result in something new for future larger championships.

Preliminary competitions with new schedule

Preliminary decision

Already the preliminary decision was very spectacular for spectators, residents, referees and participants. The 17 participants (15 men & 2 women) climbed up the Ascent not on a tree, but on a crane. One might have thought that once at the top, a bungee jump would be the next task. But especially the Ascent went down very well with the spectators. Residents watched the spectacle hanging from the crane from their living rooms, spectators gathered around the action and participants shimmied up the ascent rope like Tarzan on a vine at top speed. Meanwhile, in the other group, the work and speed climb was taking place. Here, too, local residents and spectators were thrilled by the finesse and the technique used by the tree climbers.

Preliminary decision

After changing the group of participants and the subsequent completion of the first two stations, there was a small break for everyone, who filled their empty stomachs abundantly with Tibetan food. After that it was the turn of the rescue and the throwline station. Also here the spectators divided into two groups and enjoyed the spectacle, which was offered to them and even the short rain shower could not change the high interest. At the end of the day, however, only five people managed to qualify for the Masters on the following Sunday. Due to the very low number of participants in the women’s race, both participants (Selina Hornbogen & Juliana Schwarz) qualified for the Masters. In the men’s event, Viktor Magnus, who is only 17 years old, secured first place in the preliminary round. He was followed by Sebastian Pilz and Paolo Freund into the Masters.

The Masters tree

Unlike the German and European Tree Climbing Championships, the Masters of the South German Championship took place on a beautiful oak tree, which allowed the spectators a perfect view of what was happening in the tree.

Women’s Masters

Preliminary decision

The women’s Masters was marked by bad news on Sunday. Juliana Schwarz withdrew already before the competition for unknown reasons, which automatically made Sélina Hornbogen the Southern German champion and that without even having to go into the tree. She tried it anyway, but on this rainy Sunday it just wasn’t meant to be. She gave her best, but did not get to climb into the tree before the time expired, because according to the referee the rope would not have been secured enough.

Masters of men

Preliminary Decision

Due to the withdrawal of Juliana Schwarz, Ryan Mills would have had a chance to advance to the Masters. But like Schwarz, Mills also withdrew and so it was up to Janosch Heimbucher to compete as the fourth Masters participant. He delivered a great performance and as a latecomer he even secured the second place. The second male starter was 17-year-old Viktor Magnus, who moved through the tree like a young James Kilpatrick and was crowned Southern German champion at the end of the weekend with two super performances.

Last up were Sebastian Pilz and Paolo Freund. Pilz, like all his colleagues, delivered a commanding performance, but was disqualified at the end. Freund also climbed from bell to bell with all his skill, but in the end it was only enough for third place.

Was there anything else?

Preliminary Decision

As with all the big tree climbing events this year, it can be said again that the organization was first class. Without the really great helpers, such a successful event would certainly not have been possible. But also the spectators showed bite when it started to rain on Sunday as predicted. The umbrellas were pulled out, there were brief complaints about the weather, but the gaze continued to hang on the participants who climbed through the trees. Sascha Reisch then also gave a special thanks to Benno Maier, who provided the local conditions and already announced that he would definitely be happy about a repetition of the event, no matter if it was a Southern German, a German or even an international championship again. At the end of the weekend, it can be said that everything was just right. Helpers, sponsors, location, participants and spectators. All around a perfect overall package!

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