Two new tree climbing masters for southern Germany!

From September 23 to 25, the Southern German tree climbing championship took place in Hohenbrunn, Bavaria. Only a few kilometers away from the Bavarian capital, the best tree climbers from southern Germany met with a little reinforcement from the north to determine the new southern German champion. In the end, Sélina Hornbogen and Viktor Magnus snatched the two cups of the Southern German champions. » weiterlesen

Tree Climbing World Championship 2022 – Hedger & Allen-Hall take the world titles

From September 9 to 11, the World Tree Climbing Championships took place in Copenhagen. For three days, there was plenty of action for the capital of Denmark to marvel at. More than 80 participants, including two starters from Germany, wanted to win the title of world champion. » weiterlesen

European Tree Climbing Championship 2022 – Hedger & Pihl won another title

From 1st to 3rd July, the European Tree Climbing Championships took place in Brussels. For three days, there was plenty of action to watch at the capital of the Kingdom of Belgium. More than 60 » weiterlesen

ITCC 2018: Kilpatrick for the third time

The International Tree Climbing Championship has been firmly in New Zealands hands for the last five years. Seven of the ten titles in both men’s and women’s competition went to the small country on the » weiterlesen

ITCC 2018: Freeworker supports the German Champions

Anika Hartramph and Tim Schröder won this year’s German Tree Climbing Championship. They are German Tree Climbing Champions 2018, automatically qualifying for the European Tree Climbing Championship (ETCC) near Paris (FR) and the International Tree » weiterlesen

Home advantage used – European Tree Climbing Championship 2018

Just before the award ceremony began at the European Tree Climbing Championship 2018, something unusual happened: raindrops fell to the ground for a short time. Previously, the weather in Thoiry, a few kilometres west of » weiterlesen